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Why Should You Choose a Custom-Built Walk-in Wardrobe?

Whether you’re a label lover or someone who just wants to keep your clothes in an orderly fashion, everyone dreams of having a walk-in wardrobe. A walk-in wardrobe is a covetable addition to any home.


With a little forethought and careful space planning, you can have your very own custom-built wardrobe, solely dedicated for your clothes and shoes, that even Carrie Bradshaw will envy! 

Key Benefits of Walk-In Wardrobes

It’s more than a closet

A custom-made walk-in wardrobe is so much more than a regular closet. You can make room for every single piece of clothing you own and include anything from lengthy hanging areas to drawers to extra shelves to hooks to wall sockets to full-length mirrors and a vanity, if you desire!     

The right functionality

A walk-in wardrobe can do wonders for the functionality of your wardrobe, clothes and life in general as it gives you ample space to organise and sort your belongings effectively. With custom made wardrobes, you can even add in a bench for ironing or folding. 

Creates more space

A walk-in wardrobe, especially a custom wardrobe, is large enough to make room for shoes, bags, clothes and many other items. Plus, a well-designed closet takes advantages of every little space from floor to ceiling, which makes extra room for store other things in the loft area.   


add a bespoke walk-in wardrobe to your home

Design the closet of your dreams and walk out of your home in style

A well-laid walk-in closet is a great space to spend some time, get ready and get ready for the day ahead. With V Design, you have a variety of custom choices available to make your own.

More than a storage place for clothes and other accessories, they’re personalised spaces.