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Bespoke Handleless Kitchen Doors & Cabinet Design

Handleless kitchen doors, also known as push-to-open doors, are a popular trend in modern kitchen design. These doors feature a sleek and minimalist design, with no visible handles or knobs. Instead, they have a hidden mechanism that allows you to push the door open with a simple touch.

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The benefits of handleless kitchen doors include:

  1. Easy to clean: With no handles or knobs, handleless doors are easy to wipe clean, making them perfect for busy kitchens.

  2. Sleek design: Handleless doors give a modern, minimalist look to your kitchen, making it look more spacious and uncluttered.

  3. Safety: Handleless doors are safer for children and pets, as there are no protruding handles or knobs that they can accidentally catch on.

  4. Accessibility: Handleless doors are easy to open and close, making them perfect for people with mobility issues or disabilities.

  5. Durability: Handleless doors are built to last, with sturdy mechanisms that can withstand frequent use.

Key Benefits of Handleless Kitchen doors Installation

A new-age and minimalistic makeover

Simple yet functional, handleless kitchens look visually impressive, with clean lines and an uncluttered design. Your kitchen instantly looks and feels more streamlined and modern.

Efficient cleaning and maintenance of the kitchen

With one quick wipe down, you can clean surfaces in minutes, without having to rub hard or break a sweat. We understand that a clean kitchen is an ideal kitchen, which is why handleless kitchens are a good option.

Proven to be child safe with fewer mishaps

When you’re trying to kid-proof and pet-proof a home, a handleless kitchen makes a lot of sense. There are far lesser chances of accidents in the kitchen and you’re keeping messy and dangerous situations at bay.

Array of finishes and designs

You can choose from rough-cut wood to glass or pick a smooth and glossy white handleless kitchen. There’s also the option of a slightly textured and matte finish, it’s only options galore - embrace the one you fancy.

We're all about quality


I recently had my kitchen renovated by VDesign and I must say that their handleless kitchen doors are a game-changer! The sleek and modern design not only looks amazing but also makes opening and closing the cabinets so much easier. The quality of the doors is top-notch and they have a smooth and effortless mechanism. I am so happy with my new kitchen and would highly recommend VDesign to anyone looking for a stylish and functional kitchen upgrade.

The VDesign Experience

Creating your dream bedroom is simple with Vdesign. We take care of your every step of the way, inspiring, adivising, designing and working with you to create beautifully stylish bespoke fitted wardrobes.

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Are you looking for a handleless kitchen doors that will perfectly complement the style and feel of your home?

Handleless kitchens doors fittings are the ideal choice for you. Our modern kitchen doors designs are the perfect choice for those looking to combine convenience with a modernist design.

our bespoke handmade kitchens doors installation are a perfect rendition of a modern kitchen space. With our expertise and years of design knowledge, we take customer satisfaction to the next level with kitchen door designs that are clean, sleek and chic. All the while we ensure that functionality and application are kept intact.

Best of two worlds - modern design and contemporary functionality

Think of it as the most suitable approach to design your bespoke kitchen. With no handles and fewer troubles, working in your kitchen will become less of a chore and more pleasurable.

If you’ve ever heard that handleless kitchen units are curbed to only certain styles and designs - you’re wrong! We offer choices to allow you to be as unique and individualist with your new kitchen as you dare to be. Go for a classy look and select a matt white handleless kitchen or play with colours and choose a grey handleless kitchen, the choice is yours. You can even hand-pick a layout that best suits your home, and we’ll get it done for you, no qualms!

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