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Is Stone Worktop a good choice for your kitchen? 



Stone worktop is a timeless concept that blends form and function together effortlessly. You can experiment with colours and designs to match your crockery units or cabinets to create a seamless kitchen design that you will cherish of for years to come. Stone worktop has unique versatile quality that can make your kitchen go from rustic old school look to contemporary luxury kitchen. 

Why Should You Choose a STONE Worktop? 


You can’t go wrong with stone and its durability, it is made to resist all the cutting, chopping, heat, oil splatters and so much more that goes on in your kitchen. You have carefully invested and created your dream kitchen and you would want it to last you for a good, long time. 


Stone worktop has no shred of doubt in terms of quality. Stones such as granites and marbles are sourced and procured from the best quarries and are authentic, adding an impeccable value to your bespoke kitchen.


A squeaky clean kitchen is possible with stone worktop as it is extremely easy to clean. Chop away your cold cut meats or knead your pasta dough without any stress  as the worktop is bacterial resistant. Material such granite is highly unlikely to chip or develop cracks and provides no room for bacterial growth.


Stonework tops look chic and stylish and adds quite the charm to contemporary kitchens. You can choose from different materials such as quartz, granite, marble in various colours or patterns to suit your aesthetic needs. 

material choices with stone worktops

When it comes to stone worktop the two most popular materials are granite and quartz. They come in various colours and can be customised to suit every aspect of your bespoke kitchen. It can be cut and polished to your reference at straight or curved angles. 


Did you know that no two pieces of granite are alike? Granites are igneous rocks formed over thousands of years below the earth’s surface and is widely popular for domestic and commercial uses. Granite is one among the highly preferred choices in designing bespoke kitchen and bathroom spaces


Unlike Granite that is naturally formed, Quartz is a manufactured product that has quickly gained popularity due to its appearance and durability. Quartz come in a vivid variety of colours and it can any mimic natural stone which is a blessing in designing bespoke kitchens.