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VDesign Kitchens & Bedrooms

Design involves Passion and Extreme Attention to Detail - That's what I love about it. - Aniket (Director of VDesigns)


With our 20 years of experience in the home design industry, Aniket is one of the most sought-after Interior Designers in London. His knack for going above & beyond the client’s brief and bringing a sense of uniqueness to every project is what sets him apart. Aniket’s sense of style can be classified as contemporary yet classic with a touch of luxe.


Aniket’s expertise stems from his varied exposure on the field and his stint with multiple genres of Design. Brining in a sense of global aesthetic along - Aniket has had the opportunity to work with several revered architectural and design friends in India and the United Kingdom. While he possesses a formal degree in Interior Designing & Space Planning, it’s his relentless passion for the job and an innate ability to individualise that has brought him the success that he owns.

Our Building Process


3D Design


Materials & Fittings


Build to Measure


Final Delivery

Our Quality Guarantee

We use the highest quality materials sourced from Germany, and build your dream right here in our joinery in London. We offer complete project management so you just need to sit back and relax and wait for us to deliver our promise to you. 

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