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With many choices in terms of finish, material and colour, where do you begin?

We offer a vast choice across all budgets and give you the flexibility to have any style of material for your design. With our range of laminate worktops, you can start planning your bespoke kitchen design with wooden, quartz or granite finishes perfect for both contemporary kitchens and traditional ones.   

Laminate is a man-made material that allows you to cherry-pick from an incredible range of finishes and colours. We present a plethora of choices to cater to every conceivable style preference. So, if you have a colour scheme in mind, we can make your worktop meet that palette. There is even the choice of something matt or the fancier option would be a glossy finish. Laminate suits any type of kitchen from contemporary kitchens to traditional ones. 


Why Should You Choose a Laminated Worktop? 


Bid goodbye to the frustration of a high price tag with a good quality worktop. Laminate is one of the best value for money work surfaces you can buy. It’s professional-looking, practical and budget-friendly. We will help you laminate your entire kitchen and help you save more than you can imagine!

Low maintenance

A few simple wipes, any household kitchen cleaner, and a few minutes are all the laminated worktop needs to keep it nice and clean. There are no special instructions or upkeep needed. Whether you have a marble effect or wood effect, this low maintenance piece warrants very little work from you. 

Easy to install

A professional, in no time at all, can install laminate worktops. It’s an easy and quick process that eliminates any prolonged disturbance in your home. Our team will ensure we carry through a mess-free job which leaves your kitchen look as spotless as can be.

Super stylish

Laminate has come a long way, and now there is no end of the gamut of colours, designs and patterns available. It’s a go-to option for contemporary kitchens, bespoke kitchen, Edwardian or Victorian kitchens. Laminate’s ability to mimic other materials such as quartz, marble, granite, or wood is a sought-after quality that leaves plentiful options for you.

Modern Laminate Will Surprise You

You can afford luxury without breaking the bank! The modern-day laminate worktops are perfect for your kitchen if you’re looking for a luxe, high-end look of granite or quartz but don’t have the budget for it. You can instantly enhance the look of your kitchen at a fraction of the cost.  


You can turn your kitchen into an oasis of style with a worktop in the right design and colour. With V designs end to end solutions and your little effort, in no time you can transform your kitchen into a magazine-worthy cooking and dining space. 


At V Design we effortlessly capture the unique essence of the space along with the spirit of the homeowner to create a ‘wow’ design that belongs in your contemporary kitchen and home.