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Top 3 Best Loft Wardrobes Designing Ideas

Loft wardrobes- Vdesign

Imagine waking up to an organized wardrobe where your clothes are perfectly in order, and you can see everything.

It's a dream for some to be true. But most people don't have that luxury of space.

And in that case, Loft Wardrobe comes into the picture to make life a lot easier.

For less frequently used items like luggage, extra comforters, boots and a few other things, Vdesign has a wide variety of wardrobes to suit everyone's needs.

These wardrobes help conceal anything you don't want to see in your closet space.

Today, in this article, here are the top 3 loft wardrobes at Vdesign that are reliable and give your closet an aesthetic look. 1. Sliding Wardrobe - This design is perfect for those with large areas who want a walk-in closet with a wardrobe feel.

All other bedroom furniture can be coordinated with the solid sliding closet doors.

Additionally, sliding doors look like a door; you can highlight them more by including picture frames or other works of art.

Advantages of a Sliding Wardrobe Sliding wardrobes has multiple advantages, including :

  • Takes up Little Space - Sliding wardrobes take up little space because they open sideways by sliding. You can use that space for other things like decorating or placing furniture.

  • Provide a Neat Finish - You don't need to worry about the multiple doors when you have a sliding wardrobe with a mirror door, providing a neat finish to the whole room.

  • Contemporary and Unique Look - This size floor-to-ceiling sliding wardrobe gives a modern and unique look. These characteristics make these kinds of doors ideal for lengthy wardrobes.

  • Gives a False Illusion of More Space - If you choose a sliding wardrobe with a mirror will automatically provide a false illusion of more space.

2. Walk-In Wardrobe - A customized walk-in wardrobe from Vdesign is an addition to a bedroom that will benefit your whole house.

Everyone should think about installing a walk-in wardrobe because it can improve the quality of your life while increasing the safety and value of your property. Advantages of a Walk-In Wardrobe
  • Extra Privacy - When you need to get dressed in front of other people, you might need extra privacy. In that case, you can close the door to a walk-in wardrobe and use it as a private space.

  • Get Ready Fast - A walk-in wardrobe can be converted into a dressing room by adding a mirror, hair dryer, and other accessories.

  • The time you spend getting ready in the morning will be cut in half because you won't have to go back and forth between your dresser and a mirror.

  • Easy to Clean - Having extra space makes it easier to clean. A small closet is hard to clean; you need to empty it. Cleaning goes much quicker when you have a large closet like a walk-in wardrobe, which can make cleaning more manageable.

  • Protected Storage - It typically keeps jewellery and other valuables in a dresser. The best place for them to be kept is a walk-in wardrobe, where you can lock the door or add extra protection to safeguard your belongings.

3. Fitted Wardrobes - The bedroom should be a place where you can rest peacefully without any disturbances. That can be challenging if your space is cluttered with clothes and other things.

And that is why at Vdesign, you can get bespoke fitted wardrobes. As we work to create an aesthetic and functional area that is unique to you and your taste, our custom built-in wardrobes are an ideal answer to all your storage needs.

Advantages of Fitted Wardrobes
  • Customized - A fitted wardrobe is created to meet your unique demands. Finding the ideal bespoke fitted wardrobe with all the drawers, racks, and shelving can take time and effort. But when Vdesign is here, you need not worry. We provide customized-fitting wardrobes for all your clothing requirements.

  • Simple to Clean - A fitted wardrobe won't have any gaps where dust can gather. And you won't have to stretch to reach the top of your wardrobe with a feather duster to get at a stray dust particle.

  • Maximize Space - The most obvious advantage of fitted wardrobes is that they maximize the available space in your room. You always get storage when space is effectively used.

  • Excellent Investment - A fitted wardrobe is not only an excellent investment for the comfort and appearance of your home, but it also enhances the quality of your life and adds value to your house.

Why Choose Us?

We work closely with you to design and plan the bedroom wardrobes of your dreams, no matter how big or tiny your space is or what final shape you would like us to make.

Your loft wardrobe will be designed according to your needs, down to the storage options for your shoes, clothes and other belongings.

Book a free design visit to get some ideas, find the closet showroom and stop by. Our skilled designers will help you with all your loft wardrobe design queries.


Ultimately, space is crucial if you move into a new house or remodel a room in your existing one.

And the loft wardrobe is the best idea if you want more space in your room to move around.

We build your dreams using the finest materials we import from Germany. Also, you will get complete project management.

All you need to do is sit back, unwind and wait for us to fulfill all our commitments to you.


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