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How to Make High Gloss Bespoke Loft Wardrobes?

Classy High Gloss Bespoke Loft Wardrobes: Maximize Style & Space

Creating a classy high gloss bespoke loft wardrobes is a fantastic way to maximize space and add a touch of elegance to your home. This comprehensive guide will take you through the process from conception to completion, ensuring that your loft wardrobes are not only stylish but also functional and well-suited to your personal needs.

Loft bed With Wardrobe

Understanding the Basics:

Before diving into the design and construction, it's important to understand what makes loft wardrobes unique. Typically, these wardrobes are designed to fit into the sloped part of your roof, making use of areas that might otherwise be wasted. They can range from simple hanging spaces to complex arrangements including drawers, shelves, and even loft beds with wardrobes.

Loft Wardrobe ideas

Step 1: Planning and Design

Assessing Your Space:

  • Measurements: Take accurate measurements of the loft space, considering the slope and height of the ceiling.

  • Structural Considerations: Ensure that the area is structurally sound for a bespoke fitted wardrobe installation.

Designing Your Wardrobe:

  • High Gloss Finish: Decide on the shade and type of high gloss finish; this will impact the overall look and feel of your room.

  • Internal Layout: Plan for a mix of hanging spaces, shelves, and drawers. Consider pull-out features or special compartments for shoes and accessories.

  • Integration with Loft Bed: If incorporating a loft bed, consider how the wardrobe can be designed around it for a cohesive look.

Step 2: Materials and Tools

  • Materials: Choose quality materials that are durable and suitable for a high gloss finish. MDF or plywood are popular choices for bespoke projects.

  • Hardware: Select rails, handles, hinges, and drawer runners. Consider soft-close features for a touch of luxury.

  • High Gloss Paint or Finish: Pick a high-quality gloss finish that will provide the sleek look you desire and withstand daily use.

Step 3: Construction

  • Building the Frame: Construct the frame according to your design, ensuring all pieces fit snugly in the loft space.

  • Adding Doors and Drawers: Install the doors and drawers, paying close attention to the alignment and movement.

  • Applying High Gloss Finish: Prepare the surface properly before applying your chosen high gloss finish for a smooth, professional look.

Step 4: Customizations and Finishing Touches

  • Lighting: Incorporate LED lights or spotlights to illuminate your wardrobe and give it a luxurious feel.

  • Organizational Accessories: Add in special racks, holders, or separators to keep items neat and easily accessible.

  • Mirrors: Consider installing mirrored doors or panels to make the space feel larger and more open.

Step 5: Maintenance

  • Regular Cleaning: Use appropriate cleaning agents for high gloss surfaces to maintain the shine and prevent scratches.

  • Hardware Checks: Periodically check and tighten any loose screws or fittings.

loft Wardrobes

Inspirational Loft Wardrobe Ideas

  • Sleek White Minimalism: A pure white high gloss wardrobe for a clean, modern look.

  • Mirrored Elegance: Incorporate mirrored doors to double as a dressing area and make the space appear larger.

  • Under-Bed Wardrobe: Utilise the space under a loft bed for a hidden wardrobe solution.

  • Colour Pops: Add a bold colour interior or handles for a unique, personalised touch.


Creating a bespoke high gloss loft wardrobe is a rewarding project that not only provides storage solutions but also adds value to your home. By carefully planning the design, choosing the right materials, and paying attention to the details, you can achieve a stylish and functional wardrobe that meets all your needs. Remember, this is a significant investment in your home, so take the time to do it right, and don't hesitate to consult or hire professionals if needed. With the right approach, your dream of a classy, high gloss loft wardrobe can become a reality. Enjoy the process and the result of your creativity and hard work!

Frequently Asked Questions

Q.1 Will fitted wardrobes add value to house?

Ans: Yes, loft wardrobes can add value to a house by maximizing space utilization, improving organization, and enhancing the overall aesthetic appeal. Their bespoke nature allows for customization to fit specific storage needs and design preferences, making the property more attractive to potential buyers.

Q.2: How to build a loft wardrobe?

Ans: To build a loft wardrobe you can hire interior designer or measure your space accurately, design for the slope, select durable materials, construct a sturdy frame, and install doors and drawers. Finish with a high gloss paint for a sleek look and add organizational accessories for functionality. Ensure structural integrity throughout the process.

Q.3: How much do Loft wardrobes cost in UK?

Ans: In the UK, the cost of loft wardrobes can vary widely, typically ranging from £1,000 to over £5,000. Prices depend on size, materials, design complexity, and customisation. Opting for bespoke designs and high-quality finishes will increase the overall cost, while simpler, standard options may be more budget-friendly.

Q.4: Is it worth getting a loft bed with wardrobe?

Ans: Yes, getting a loft bed with a wardrobe is worth it, especially for smaller rooms. It maximises space by combining sleeping and storage areas, making it ideal for compact living spaces or for adding functionality and style to any bedroom, providing a neat, integrated solution for clutter-free living.

Q.5: What are the benefits of loft bed with wardrobe?

Ans: Loft beds with wardrobes optimize space by combining sleeping and storage areas, ideal for small rooms. They offer a neat, integrated solution that maximizes floor space, encourages organization, and provides a distinct, functional area for rest and wardrobe management, all while adding a stylish, modern touch to the bedroom.


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