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What is the process for installing fitted wardrobes?

What is the process for installing fitted wardrobes?

Fitted wardrobes offer an excellent solution for maximizing storage space while adding a touch of elegance and functionality to your bedroom. Unlike freestanding wardrobes, fitted wardrobes are customized to fit perfectly into your available space. If you're considering installing fitted wardrobes in your home, understanding the installation process is essential. In this blog, we'll walk you through the process of installing fitted wardrobes, providing you with valuable insights and considerations to ensure a seamless installation experience.

Step 1: Initial Consultation and Design:

The process begins with an initial consultation with a professional fitted wardrobe provider, such as V Design Kitchen and Bedrooms. During this stage, the company's experts will assess your requirements, available space, and personal preferences. They will discuss the design options, including materials, finishes, internal features, and accessories. This consultation ensures that the fitted wardrobe is tailored to your specific needs and complements the existing aesthetics of your bedroom.

Step 2: Measurements and Survey:

Once the design has been finalized, precise measurements of your bedroom will be taken. This step is crucial to ensure that the fitted wardrobes fit seamlessly into the available space. A professional surveyor will visit your home to measure the dimensions, take note of any obstructions or peculiarities, and discuss any necessary modifications or adjustments.

Step 3: Manufacturing:

After the measurements have been recorded, the manufacturer will begin crafting your fitted wardrobe according to the agreed-upon design. Skilled craftsmen will use high-quality materials, precision machinery, and expert techniques to create a bespoke wardrobe that matches your requirements perfectly. The manufacturing process typically takes a few weeks, depending on the complexity of the design and the chosen materials.

Step 4: Delivery and Installation:

Once the fitted wardrobe has been manufactured, it will be delivered to your home. The installation team will then begin the process of fitting the wardrobe into your bedroom. The installation process usually involves the following steps:

a) Preparation: The installation team will carefully prepare the area where the fitted wardrobe will be installed. This may involve removing any existing furniture, fixtures, or fittings that may hinder the installation process.

b) Fitting: The installation team will start by assembling the various components of the fitted wardrobe, including the frame, doors, shelves, and drawers. They will ensure that each piece fits snugly and securely into place.

c) Alignment and Adjustment: The team will meticulously align the fitted wardrobe with the surrounding walls and ceiling, making any necessary adjustments to ensure a seamless and flush fit. This includes leveling the wardrobe and ensuring the doors open and close smoothly.

d) Finishing Touches: Once the wardrobe is securely installed, the installation team will add finishing touches, such as handles, knobs, or decorative elements, as per your chosen design.

Step 5: Quality Check and Handover: Before completing the installation, the team will conduct a thorough quality check to ensure that the fitted wardrobe meets the highest standards. They will inspect all elements, functionality, and finishing to ensure everything is in perfect condition. Once satisfied, they will hand over the completed fitted wardrobe to you.


Installing fitted wardrobes involves a collaborative process between you, the design team, and the installation professionals. By following the steps outlined above and working with a reputable provider like V Design Kitchen and Bedrooms, you can transform your bedroom into a stylish and organized space that perfectly suits your needs. Remember, the installation of fitted wardrobes requires expertise and precision, so it's always recommended to rely on professionals to achieve the best results.


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